Ekonomist / More companies were sold for less value

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Ekonomist / More companies were sold for less value

Ekonomist magazine published a report analyzing M&A deals that took place in 2015, also featuring remarks of inHERA Capital  Managing Partner Levent Bosut. According to article, 298 M&A transactions took place in 2015 with a total amount of USD 15.5 billion.  In the report, it’s stated that the  main reason behind having lower amount of deal volume compared to 2015 was ongoing political instability and it’s expected that M&A environment will be more vigorous in 2016 with the help of new privatizations. Mr.  Bosut expressed his reviews on general investment environment of Turkey, prominent industries for M&A transactions and awaited privatizations for 2016:

“The most active industry in terms of deal volume in 2015 was energy, followed by manufacturing, financial services, food & beverage sectors. We expect to face a similar scene in 2016. Additionally, postponed privatizations from 2015 may revive M&A activity in 2016. The expected privatizations for this year include Milli Piyango, TPDD, bridge and highways and various energy power plants. Considering growing economy of Turkey, strong banking industry, fiscal discipline, dynamic population and competitive private sector Turkey will preserve its attractive position in the eyes of investors while M&A industry keeps its dynamism. Besides that, we think that Turkish firms who are regional leaders with accumulated capital and ability to reach financial resources will become more active in outbound M&A actvities.”


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