Our Services

Sell side advisory

Selling a company is a critical decision of the upmost importance for any business owner and a complex process that must be handled delicately.

We advise shareholders on selling all or part of their business. We prepare the company for sale by identifying and approaching potential buyers or investors and then lead and execute the transaction, optimizing value for our clients in regards to price, terms, warranties, structure, timing, risks and taxation.

The main roles we undertake during the sale process are: 
  • Understanding the client’s needs and objectives,
  • Comprehending our client’s industry, customers, suppliers and competitors to reflect a wide range of potential strategic buyers or investors,
  • Developing a comprehensive investment case that is supported by financial normalization, potential operational improvements and synergies,
  • Preparing marketing materials of the highest quality utilizing our strong processing capabilities,
  • Conducting a financial valuation exercise to support negotiations,
  • Utilizing our highly proficient analysts to provide exceptional research with cutting edge research tools and access to the ideas and contacts of our international affiliates,
  • Attracting the right buyers and investors by taking advantage of our long-standing relationships with possibly all of the financial investors and strategic investors that operate or have an interest in Turkey, as well as with our international coverage via our global network,
  • Identifying and approaching appropriate financial investors based on their investment criteria and our strong relations,
  • Promoting the deal in a fully customized manner,
  • Negotiating the terms, valuation and structure of the deal,
  • Preparing secure physical and digital data rooms and coordinating the due diligence exercises of multiple potential buyers/investors,
  • Coordinating all parties to ensure the deal is closed to the benefit of our client while maintaining a fair and a trustworthy relationship with counterparties,
  • Preparing target companies for the sale process, based on our experience with the potential obstacles and pitfalls around family owned companies,
  • Assisting the client with final agreements,
  • Undertaking normalization of the accounts to produce management financials, eliminating the effects of parallel bookkeeping and unsustainable or one-off transactions.