Our Services

Buy side advisory

We advise financial and strategic buyers to enter or expand in Turkey, grow geographically, consolidate fragmented industries, and expand their product and service offerings.

While assisting Turkish companies making acquisitions abroad, we utilize the local investment banks that belong to our extensive international network. We can provide a seamless service to our customers because we coordinate the entire acquisition process with the Turkish client, several investment banks and various targets all around the globe.

For these often complex transactions, we offer our deal making experience to handle the intricate details, to bridge the expectations and any cultural gaps, and to implement convincing win-win strategies to reach a successful acquisition on behalf of our clients.

We approach buy-side assignments in a highly customizable fashion, able to supplement existing client acquisition teams to add value wherever appropriate.

The typical roles we undertake during a buy side engagement are:

  • Determination of strategy and development of acquisition criteria,
  • Identification of potential targets and structuring the best strategy to approach,
  • Information processing, evaluation, diligence and valuation,
  • Auction and bankruptcy process participation,
  • Legal and tax effective structuring of the deal,
  • Financing,
  • Negotiations and closing.

We especially add value due to our experience with:

  • Bringing industry experts to the deal,
  • Accessing informal information flows,
  • Reliability and consistency of target financials,
  • Uncovering and dealing with ethical problems,
  • Valuing critical assets,
  • Structuring the deal in a legal and tax effective manner,
  • Coping with time pressure and the constantly changing demands of shareholders or other stakeholders,
  • Keeping the transaction confidential or utilizing and flow of information to the benefit of the client and transaction,
  • Managing the relationship with the target shareholders