Other advisory experiences

Other advisory services that inHERA Capital team members actively participated:

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inHERA Capital Track Record

Levent Bosut acted as an expert witness in a deposition in North Carolina courts in the case between Sun Chemicals and Carolina-By-Products.

Bosut prepared a report consisting of a company valuation of Sun Chemicals, and a financial analysis testing for the claims as to the loss of Sun Chemicals.

The findings were presented to the court orally in a deposition process.

Bosut has acted on behalf of Carolina-By-Products, and the court has decided a loss value for the settlement at a level suggested by us, which was very close to that of Carolina-By-Product’s expectations

inHERA Capital Track Record

Advisory to Sandoz regarding post-transaction issues including labour in its two Turkish plants after its acquisition of Roche’s generic drugs operation in Gebze

Financial feasibility of a port in Azerbaijan

Financial feasibility of a hospital in Azerbaijan

Financial feasibility of a nutrition company

Financial feasibility of several hydroelectric power plants

Financial feasibility of privatization tender applications

Financial feasibility of a real estate development project in Russia