Our Differentiation

Client focus: We employ our collective know-how, experience, proficiency, contacts and imagination to deliver the optimal outcome for our clients.

Deal dedication: We are committed to providing outstanding, unique, creative, valued-added financial and strategic advisory services in all phases of the projects, making sure the deal is closed to maximum possible benefit and satisfaction of our clients.

Top –tier advisory: We provide top quality processing, documentation, and modeling that is expected from bulge bracket investment banks.

Large deal experience: We have created and participated in consortiums and worked with top tier investment banks and consulting companies for multi-billion dollar transactions, including landmark privatizations, in addition to our customary mid-market deals.

Strong relationships: We have firm, long standing strong relationships with a wide range of individuals, including financial investors, debt providers, multinationals, local business community, government bodies including regulators and privatization administration, local and international investment bankers and industry experts.

Expertise in valuation and modeling: We provide superior support for valuation and financial modeling as well as having the flexibility to adapt financial models prepared by any counterparties.

Extensive experience: inHERA management has a vast amount of collective knowledge, built up over the last two decades, which provides information about and access to many companies across several industries in Turkey.

Diligent project selection: We screen our projects ardently prior to engagement, assessing the viability of the project and ascertaining if and how we can make a difference.

Expectation management: We deliberate with our clients to fully understand their needs, elaborating clearly on the possible outcomes while managing their expectations to their benefit.

Pivotal role: We coordinate and engage with all counterparties, manage the entire process including negotiations and systematically provide alternative and creative solutions to any obstacles and constraints throughout the project.

Independent structure: Our independence brings with it a lack in conflicts of interest, a flexible approach and no restrictions. We only have one objective: To deliver the highest value added for our clients.

Qualified team: Our team of highly qualified and committed professionals delivers exceptional service to our clients with their in-depth knowledge, experience and strong business relationships.

Wide international network: Thanks to our extensive international network we can identify the ideal counterparty, target, investor or potential buyer that brings the greatest value to the deal and bring them into the project to create the best possible synergy.

Adherence to ethical principles: The cornerstones governing our corporate culture are transparency, integrity and fairness.